After 20 years in the unregulated utility sector, Richard joined the regulated Hydro One Networks in 2007 to work in a Corporate Development Role focused on the various aspects of Smart Metering and Smart Networking. This has morphed in leading Hydro One's Advanced Distribution Solution initiative.
Richard's early utility focus was on acquisition of distribution and generation assets in Central and South America. Subsequent focus was on high-tech start-up ventures spun-offs from the utility. In 2000, assisted with the structuring and launch of Hydro One Telecom Inc. and in the role of Director, Carrier Relations was responsibility for fibre network acquisitions and structuring reciprocal interconnection agreements with domestic and international telecommunications carriers.

Richard holds an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and a MBA from McMaster University.

As Director of Telecommunications Services and Smart Grid Communications, Chuck currently manages the engineering, operations, and revenue generation aspects of CNP's telecommunications network. He is also a leader on CNP's Smart Grid project, responsible for the implementation of the 5,000 sq. mile Smart Grid communications network that will enable communications with 2.2m meters, substations, grid control devices, and the associated systems. In addition, Chuck plays a leadership role associated with the development and implementation of CNP's long term Smart Grid strategy. He is a strong advocate of continual process improvement and cost control and has experience implementing and optimizing large technology infrastructures, re-engineering business processes and organizations, and evaluating emerging technologies. With over 28 years of organizational and project related management experience in utility engineering planning/design and Information Technology (IT) project/operations, he is proficient in the organizational design, development, and personnel management associated with both large projects and operations. During his 30+ years at CNP, he has held numerous management positions in such areas as: transmission and distribution system engineering; fossil power plant engineering; the SAP implementation project; Information Technology; and the Operations Technology organization supporting regulated electric and gas operations (current). He has a BS in Civil Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.

Mr. Helm has over twenty years of experience in the electric utility industry including the areas of Distribution Engineering, Customer Service and Marketing, Transmission Operations, Transmission Performance Analysis and Technology. Of this time, sixteen years was associated with the management of Transmission-related activities.

Mr. Helm's primary field of experience has been in Transmission Operations, Transmission system event monitoring and coordination, Transmission system performance / statistics, Transmission work management processes and systems, Transmission outage management processes and systems, Transmission network communications standards, Transmission equipment condition monitoring systems and processes.

In his current position, Mr. Helm provides and manages technology strategy for all organizations within Oncor Electric Delivery with respect to systems, system integration technologies, network communication technologies and security. Mr. Helm is also an active participant in the Smart Grid Testing and Certification Committee as part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiative under the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007.

Allan Schurr is responsible for IBM's market strategy, regulatory policy, and partner management for the global electric, gas, and water industries. IBM's solutions include offerings in customer management, advanced metering infrastructure, and work & asset management that integrate the breadth of IBM hardware, software, and service offerings.

In addition, Schurr leads IBM's utility initiatives for emerging solutions targeting the role of energy in a Smarter Planet, supported by a broad ecosystem. In this role, Schurr is working with utility companies to accelerate the development of Smart Grid and the integration of renewable energy sources and distributed energy assets like plug-in vehicles.

Schurr is a frequent speaker and has testified before the US Congress regarding the benefits of smart grid technology and impediments to its development. In 2010 he was named to earth2tech's Top 15 Connected Car Influencers, and he holds a patent for System and Method for Energy Usage Curtailment and received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California Davis and a masters in business administration from St. Mary's College in California. He is a registered engineer in the State of California.

Lisa Schmidt Pike is a global industry offering leader within IBM's Global Technology Services area where she leads development of IBM's Energy & Utility communications and networking service offerings worldwide. Lisa has over 15 years experience in global solution development, strategy, marketing and business development and over 7 years experience in the mobility, wireless and RFID market. Most recently, Lisa led the launch of IBM's Intelligent Utility Network Communications Services offering. A graduate of New York University's Stern School of Business, Lisa holds her Masters of Business Administration. Lisa also received her Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon.

Mr. Lauer has over twenty-five years experience in computer, communications and information systems analysis and development. He has wealth of experience in analysis of business requirements; system engineering and design; system development; and system implementation, maintenance, and support. Twenty years of this experience has been focused on security and privacy. Mr. Lauer has performed security and privacy work across numerous industries including Department of Defense (DoD), legal, construction, manufacturing, retail sales, real estate, insurance, vending, finance and banking, health, entertainment, emergency medical services and utilities. Mr. Lauer has co-authored the article Data-centric security: Integrating data privacy and data security in the IBM Journal of Research and Development and has been awarded a patent for Service Segregation According To Subscriber Service Association.
Ms. Dipasquale is responsible for managing and executing the solution portfolio strategy, driving strategic dialogue and alignment across IBM brands, building partnerships, and developing initiatives to grow the solution's value and increase sales.

Ms. Dipasquale serves on the Board of Directors of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative - a collaboration between utilities, vendors, and consumer advocates organized to accelerate the utilities understanding of consumers needs and their adoption of the smart grid.

With 10 years of management consulting experience, Ms. Dipasquale joined IBM in 2004 as a CRM Strategy Managing Consultant in Global Business Services.  She was instrumental in the development of strategic consulting services concentrating on business solutions to improve customer's processes, operations, profitability, loyalty, and experience.

Prior to joining IBM, Ms. Dipasquale held a managing role at Accenture, Argentina, with focus in CRM and IT Strategies. She also founded a technology company with focus on consulting services and development of software and hardware.

Ms. Dipasquale was born in Argentina and has a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires. She is also an American and Italian citizen.
Kieran McLoughlin is responsible for IBM's Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) solution development and thought leadership, and works with the IBM Brands, partners and many of IBM's Customers to develop market driven offerings.

In 2005, Mr. McLoughlin joined IBM Global Business Services and worked on the founding and development of their IUN/Smart Grid Practice in the USA. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. McLoughlin, worked extensively with electric utilities around the globe for companies such as GE (USA), ABB (Switzerland) and ALSTOM (France).

He has experienced a broad range of senior management roles across service, project development, construction, consulting, change management, commercial engineering and operations. He also has had senior leadership roles with start-up companies involved in batteries & fuel cells and environmental air/water filtration systems.
Neil Gerber is the Global Power Generation Solutions Leader for the Energy & Utilities industry at IBM. In this position he is responsible for devising, developing and executing the solution portfolio strategy and capabilities for all of IBM's power generation business. This includes capabilities for fossil, nuclear, and renewable generation areas. His previous experience in IBM includes foundational work on the development of the Intelligent Utility Network growth case.

Mr. Gerber has over 20 years of industry experience providing advanced solutions to the utility industry. He has been deeply involved in electric utility solution development and implementation, as well as having served in executive management positions. Prior to working at IBM Mr. Gerber was the CEO of a power plant simulation company, which he successfully sold to a major control system company, where the business continues to operate to this day. Mr. Gerber also served as the VP of operations and strategy for an internet-based file storage company.

Mr. Gerber has a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters of Engineering degree from Stanford University.