Smarter Computing: IT Infrastructure Matters

Tom Rosamilia is Senior Vice President of IBM Systems & Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain. He has global responsibility for all aspects of IBM’s semiconductor, servers, storage, and the system software businesses; all of IBM’s supply chain; and the company’s Global Business Partners organization.  

Prior to this role, Mr. Rosamilia was Vice President of Corporate Strategy and General Manager of Enterprise Initiatives.  In this role, he was responsible for IBM’s strategic direction as well as developing IBM’s path forward in the new era of computing. 

Mr. Rosamilia joined IBM in 1983 as a software developer for the MVS operating system. He held a variety of programming and management positions in software development in the S/390 organization and became Vice President of S/390 Software Development in 1998. Following a number of leadership roles in IBM Software Group (Vice President of WebSphere, Vice President of Development for Data Management, and General Manager of IBM’s Silicon Valley Laboratory), Mr. Rosamilia became General Manager of IBM’s WebSphere software division.

In 2009, Mr. Rosamilia joined IBM Systems & Technology Group as General Manager of System z and, soon after, Power Systems as well.  In this role, he was responsible for all facets of both businesses, including strategy, marketing, sales, operations, technology development and overall financial performance. 

Mr. Rosamilia received his bachelor's degree from Cornell University, with majors in computer science and economics.  In 2004, he completed the IBM Strategic Leadership Forum at Harvard Business School. Mr. Rosamilia has also served on the boards of the United Way of Dutchess County, the United Way of Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group and the California Manufacturing and Technology Association.

Douglas (Doug) Balog, general manager, System z, is responsible for IBM’s worldwide mainframe server business and the IBM System z franchise.   Doug is also a member of IBM’s Performance Team (PT) and Strategy Team (ST), which focus respectively on tactical execution and strategic direction for the enterprise.  

Doug has been part of IBM’s Systems and Technology group for 30 years with product development leadership and brand leadership roles across System z,  System x,  BladeCenter and System Storage.  During that time, he has led major portfolio transformations across all of these brands.

Most recently, Doug was the worldwide business line executive for IBM System Storage where he led the complete transformation of IBM’s storage portfolio through new organic development, acquisitions and new partnerships.   As a result, the IBM storage portfolio is the strongest it has been since IBM first invented disk drives in 1956.  

Doug graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Computer Science in 1983 and immediately joined IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY, working on the architectural validation of IBM’s next-generation mainframes.   He spent 18 years in NY in a variety of development, brand and corporate roles until 2001 when he moved to San Francisco to help one of IBM’s largest clients deploy and operate one of the largest Parallel Sysplexes for web trading at the time.  

Today, Doug lives in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife and three teenage sons.  Beyond his worldwide work travels, he is a soccer dad on most weekends, but also enjoys a round of golf.

Ambuj Goyal leads IBM’s System Storage & Networking business, which addresses the urgent requirements among enterprises and governments worldwide for efficient ways to store, manage and extract value from information. As an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily around the globe, the highly competitive market for storage and networking solutions represents a large, fast-growing business opportunity.

Prior to assuming his current assignment in January, Goyal was general manager of IBM Systems and Technology Group’s global Development and Manufacturing organization. Consisting of more than 23,000 engineers and programmers working in 37 labs in 17 countries, this team is responsible for engineering and development of IBM’s server and storage systems hardware and software. Goyal also led IBM’s microelectronics business, which includes semiconductor process technology development and semiconductor manufacturing operations for microprocessors and application-specific integrated circuits used by IBM and its OEM clients.

Earlier, Goyal served as general manager of the Business Analytics and Process Optimization unit of IBM’s Software Group. He was general manager of IBM Information Management Software from 2005 to 2009. From 2003 to 2005, he served as general manager, Workplace, Portal, and Collaboration Software, planning and executing the transformation of IBM Lotus Software.

Goyal served from 2001 to 2003 as General Manager, Solutions and Strategy, IBM Software Group, and also served as Chief Technology Officer, Application & Integration Middleware Division, which includes the WebSphere and MQ product families. In 1996, Goyal was named Vice President, Services and Software, and Director, Computer Sciences.

Andrew Sotiropoulos, General Manager of PureFlex, is responsible for IBM’s worldwide PureFlex business, including worldwide sales, development, marketing and support functions. He brings 28 years of experience in hardware, services, and marketing from across the globe, particularly in the Americas and Asia Pacific. Within these roles he has worked with many different clients and business partners for a broad understanding of how to achieve mutual success. His experience provides a broad and diverse range of expertise from both a technology and geographic perspective as required to lead a uniquely integrated brand such as PureFlex.