Small steps to big retirement savings

Vernon Richard is a Retirement Educator with Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust. In this role, Vernon creates and delivers customized financial presentations designed to help participants develop financial goals, increase savings, and understand the investment options within their retirement savings plan. In addition to onsite meetings, Vernon also conducts retirement consultations and one on one coaching. When Vernon is not conducting meetings, he works with his clients to discuss their education needs and then develops the appropriate education strategy.

Prior to his role as an educator, Vernon worked with Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management as a Retirement Consultant. Vernon has a total of ten years of experience in the financial services industry, with eight of those years dedicated toward retirement.

Vernon is currently an active member of the advanced Toastmasters club “Professional Edge”. He has won several speech contests within the Toastmasters club and has been certified as a Toastmasters Leadership Trainer, for the state of North Carolina. Vernon is also an active member of the Wells Fargo Black African America team member network. As a member, he networks and conducts financial workshops through the Wells Fargo Hands on Banking program. Through his teaching of financial literacy, Vernon has received “The President’s Volunteer Service Award”, from President Obama, for his contribution to the community.

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