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IBM Canada: Optimizing Infrastructure to Maximize Data Centre Capabilities

Is your organization’s growth exceeding data centre capacity? Increasingly, CEOs are turning to their CIOs to solve the issues arising from today’s need for expanded IT capabilities. System downtime and site outages are on the rise. Your top challenge is to find and implement innovative strategies that ensure sufficient data centre capacity and availability to meet service demands. 

Join IBM Canada for a series of webcasts to learn what your options are – so you can do more with less. This webcast series will highlight why building a strategic roadmap will ensure that investments are aligned to business priorities and budgets.

Topics include:

  • The key consideration factors when evaluating data centre services, based on thousands of client engagements.
  • Cloud case studies that showcase how companies are leveraging Cloud today to address the opportunities and challenges of business innovation.
  • Learn what organizations need to consider for shared infrastructures services around Networking, Security & Business Continuity in the Data Centre.


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All webcasts will include French subtitles

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Blueprint for a Smarter Data Centre:Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

Speaker: Stephen Cake, Senior Managing Consultant, IT Strategy and Design Services, IBM Canada

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Addressing Data Centre Capacity with Cloud – What Workloads Make Sense

Speaker: Tom Wefers, Business Unit Executive, Cloud and Managed Services, IBM Canada

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Shared Infrastructure: Networking, Security & Business Continuity.


Willie Wong, Moderator, IBM IT Risk Management Advocate, IBM Canada

Brian Long, Executive, Integrated Communications Services, IBM Canada

Stewart Cawthray, Chief Security Architect - IBM Security Services (Canada)

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