IBM Electronics Virtual Briefing Center

Smarter Electronics Launch Event  --  Replay now available

Learn how to create a superior electronics customer experience while capitalizing on every interaction. Well known thought leaders and IBM experts provided a half day of insight and open discussion. Learn how customer experience management is evolving, how leaders are profiting from analytics, and how IBM can help.
Duration       Session
60 minutes

Building a Smarter Electronics Industry

  • Bruce A. Anderson, IBM Global General Manager, Electronics Industry
The electronics industry has been slow to take advantage of the remarkable potential that its own products enable. There are still billions of isolated, unconnected electronic devices in the world. Players from outside the traditional electronics industry are developing alliances with fast-moving, forward-thinking startups. They are already building a more connected electronics industry. Electronics manufacturers must abandon old ways of doing business. Recognize that your products are part of a broader “Internet of things,” a system for the development and delivery of services that will significantly advance the entire industry.  The time to transition the electronics industry into a smart system is now. The demand is strong. The products are maturing.  Learn how IBM has the technology to tie it all together.
60 minutes

Product & Service Innovation in the electronics industry

  • Scott Burnett, IBM Global Consumer Electronics Industry Director
  • Oliver Goh, CEO, Shaspa Research Ltd.

Software is quickly becoming an essential element of the products and services that power our everyday lives. From global positioning system (GPS) devices in your car to implantable medical devices that deliver information directly to the doctor’s office, the products we use every day are more intelligent, interconnected and instrumented than ever before. These smart, new products comprise embedded and realtime software along with electronic and mechanical components, making them highly complex and interdependent. Systems and software development teams creating these complex products are being put to the test by conflicting priorities like faster time-to-market, demands for higher quality and increasing governance requirements. IBM can help businesses gain a broad view and plot their future in response to developing innovative product and services.
60 minutes

Building a Dynamic Value Chain

  • Ken Englund, IBM Vice President, Global Business Services
Tight integration and partnering among the eco-system players across the value chain allows investment risk to be shared, common standards to be established and a more complete solution to be offered. No one player alone can be successful today. A company's success is equally dependent on the support, innovation and integration of all participants from the core supplier all the way through the end user. By enabling collaboration, innovation, and employing smart decision making across the extended value chain through sharing of real-time information and insights will result in improved supply chain visibility, lower investment risk, and more complete solutions. Learn how you can convert your supply chain into a value chain.