Frequently Asked Questions
Supported Configurations
Browser Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari
Windows 7 IE8+ FF10+ Chrome15+
Windows 8 IE10 FF10+ Chrome15+
Windows 8.1 IE11 FF10+ Chrome15+
Mac OS X Safari5.1+

Internet connection
A minimum of 56Kbps is recommended
Video webcasting requires high-speed internet connection
Sound Equipment
Sound card and speakers/headphones for viewing webcast in full format
General requirements
Adobe Flash player 10.2 or later
* For stakeholders Webcast Studio, the minimum requirement is Adobe Flash player 11.

Cookie settings - session cookies enabled
Internet Explorer is recommended if you want to use all the available report functionality.
Browser Configuration for Virtual Events
  1. Open the Tools menu located on your Firefox toolbar
  2. Select Options
  3. Select the Privacy category and do the following:
        Open the Cookies menu by clicking the plus next to it
        Check the box next to Enable cookies
  4. Select the Web Features category and do the following:
        Check the boxes next to Enable Java and Enable JavaScript
        Click on the Advanced button and make sure all the boxes are checked
  5. Click OK
  6. Click the Reload button/icon on the toolbar and return to the event
  1. Open the Safari menu located on your Safari toolbar
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click on Security
  4. Under Web Content check the boxes next to Enable plug-ins, Enable Java and Enable JavaScript
  5. Under Accept Cookies select "Always"
  6. Close the preferences window
  7. Click the Reload button/icon on the toolbar and return to the event
Frequently Asked Technical Questions
Your player is probably experiencing network connection problems. Dial-up users may suffer from the fact that many Internet users are probably dialed-in to your ISP using up most or all of the bandwidth. LAN (Local Area Network) users may experience similar problems as a result of the number of users/PCs on their LAN. Try again when the network is less congested.
Please make sure that you have the correct browser version and that you browser is configured properly. It is extremely important that you configure your browser correctly.