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Cloud Failover: Extending Resiliency to the User’s Edge

A single point of failure isn’t acceptable for applications in the data center, and it shouldn’t be acceptable for services running in the cloud. Most companies today live and die by the success of their digital strategies. So without the seamless functioning of your active failover service, your business continuity strategy could be highly vulnerable. 


Join us on October 17th to learn how leading IT organizations are using DNS active failover to extend their business continuity strategy to the user’s edge. Oracle Dyn Head of Sales Engineering and Customer Success Edge Services Gary Sloper, will provide actionable insight into how you can reduce mean time to repair, as well as mitigate latency or downtime. You’ll also learn how you can keep your internet sites and applications highly performant.  


Key Take-aways:

  • What the most common active failover deployment patterns are.
  • How you can combine health monitoring and dynamic traffic steering for greater resiliency.
  • What you can do to layer active failover with global load balancing policies.
  • Why a disparate active failover deployment adds N+1 redundancy
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