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Breaking the Chain of CNAME Latency

Breaking the Chain of CNAME Latency: How to Use Alias Records to Improve CNAME Flattening Performance


In the cloud era, CNAMEs have become ubiquitous for anyone deploying or integrating services on the cloud or a CDN.  Along with the convenience comes the serious performance degradation caused by chaining CNAMEs. But, an approach using Alias Records offers the hope of restoring performance by flattening CNAMEs as a service.


Join Chris Baker and Andrew Sullivan from Oracle Dyn as they help break the chain of CNAME latency. In this presentation, Baker and Sullivan will cover:


  • What are CNAMEs and why have they become so ubiquitous?
  • Understanding the performance impact of CNAME chaining
  • Introduction to Alias Records and how they can be used to flatten CNAMEs and improve performance
  • The future of a standardized CNAME flattening record as an IE
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Andrew Sullivan
Chris Baker
Principal of Threat Intelligence