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IBM Smarter Analytics Customer Success Story: Daimler FleetBoard



Daimler FleetBoard increases economic efficiency through business analytics

Real-time data can mean the difference between reliable operations and missed opportunities for cost savings or improved business performance. From customer insights to supply chain details and financial data, many organizations are now leveraging the power of analytics to improve operational logistics, reduce costs and drive higher levels of customer service. But how do you track key insights and gather data quickly when the information you seek is constantly shifting?

Hear directly from Daimler FleetBoard about how IBM Business Analytics helped them identify significant opportunities within their transportation operations. By combining a comprehensive central application with mobile devices in commercial vehicles, they allowed fleets to scan, transmit and analyze data directly from the road—helping achieve efficiencies that translated into quantifiable reductions in expenses across the enterprise. 

The Real-Time Data on the Road: A Case Study in Transport Analytics web seminar will examine the strategic value of Smarter Analytics, detailing key operational benefits that include:

  • Daily cost savings via reduced fuel consumption
  • Decreased maintenance costs and extended maintenance intervals as a result of prompted repair and preventative measures
  • Increased flexibility and improved decision-making on the part of logistics companies via linked dispatch data to status data across multiple systems
  • Optimized haulage and reduced driver downtime through dynamic route planning and real-time vehicle position monitoring
  • Enhanced compliance with applicable laws by governing drive times and rest periods for drivers.

Register today, learn how to identify new opportunities within your company, and discover the value that analytics can bring to every aspect of your business.

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Dr. Ralf Forcher
Managing Director Daimler FleetBoard GmbH
Paul A. Hoy
Worldwide Industrial and Distribution Sector Executive for Business Analytics at IBM