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IBM Virtual Analytics Solution Center

IBM Virtual Analytics Solution Center is now available on demand!

Organizations that embrace analytics are outperforming their competition—and the gap is widening. They are extracting insights from the vast varieties and volumes of data to make better, faster decisions and automate business processes. It’s called Big Data, and it is changing the nature of how industries and governments work. Organizations that don’t integrate analytics into every aspect of their operations are getting left behind.


Smarter Analytics is IBM’s approach to analytics. With Smarter Analytics, IBM partners with organizations to tackle their high value initiatives around customer, risk, operations and finance to realize outcomes and transformation never imagined. It is a holistic approach that enables organizations to turn information into insight and insight into business outcomes.


To help clients address this rapidly growing need, IBM has developed the IBM Virtual Analytics Solution Center (VASC) to provide a venue for organizations to learn more about IBM Smarter Analytics approach and how it can help them achieve business outcomes by:


  • Growing customer base and retaining the most profitable customers
  • Continuously improving operational efficiency
  • Preventing fraud and managing risk and compliance efforts
  • Transforming and automating financial processes


The IBM VASC is supported by a global network of eight physical IBM Analytics Solution Centers (ASCs) in Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Dallas, Washington D.C., London, New York City and Zurich. Get more information here about these centers including their analytics capabilities, solution portfolio and client experience such as client briefings, seminars and workshops, as well as over 150 cross industry solution and research prototypes.



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Discover how analytics can help you learn from your data and transform the way you do business.

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