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IBM Media and Entertainment Virtual Briefing Center

IBM Linear Tape File System with Thought Equity Motion's Cloud-based Platform


IBM continuously collaborates with media and entertainment clients, bringing together business insight, advanced research and powerful technology to help give them a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing production environment.

Built on the LTO-5 format standard, the IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) provides a direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape libraries using LTO-5 tape cartridges, eliminating the need for additional tape management software to access data.  

Learn how Thought Equity Motion—a leading provider of cloud-based video management and licensing services—leverages IBM’s LTO-5 tape storage technology and LTFS to bring a new level of use and portability to open systems tape storage for its media and entertainment clients. Thought Equity Motion’s CTO, Mark Lemmons, will explain how major media companies, including EYE Film Institute Netherlands and the NCAA®, have utilized IBM’s LTO-5 and LTFS technology and cut costs by moving to its cloud-based video management platform.

 The webinar will study the relationship between IBM® and Thought Equity Motion (Business Partner). Through the collaboration between Thought Equity Motion and IBM, companies now have distinct solutions to implement an effective and efficient LTFS Cloud Platform.

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General Manager, M & E Industry
CTO of Thought Equity Motion
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Editorial Director, NewBay Media