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IBM Insurance Virtual Briefing Center
Insurance for a Smarter Planet virtual briefing center (VBC) is now available on demand! 

The Insurance for a Smarter Planet virtual briefing center (VBC) is your doorway to IBM's innovation, thought leadership, and more than 15,000 consultants and developers serving the insurance industry. We share new ideas and break-through innovation to help your business become smarter along three key dimensions. 

  • Informed Interaction - . Leverage web 2.0 technology and real world event knowledge to drive insight to all customer touch points.
  • Streamlined Operations - Radically simplify your processes to increase efficiency and yield business agility.
  • Resilient Enterprise. Integrate risk management into your core processes, applications, and architectures.

Upcoming Event on September 20th, 2012 at 1:00PM EDT

In today’s environment financial sector it’s important for organizations to be able to transform. For some, the challenge presented by the continued growth of data in all its forms  as firms are eager to understand what new opportunities are held within the growing volume of information. For others increased competition and less customer loyalty, organizations need to take a customer-centric approach to their business. Organizations that  outperform are using analytics to streamline claims processes, predict fraud and subrogation opportunities, improve service and increase marketing and retention program effectiveness.  Join IBM as we continue the dialog around aligning your people, processes and systems around these topics.

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