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IBM Electronics Virtual Briefing Center
IBM Electronics Virtual Briefing Center (VBC). is now available on demand!
Welcome to the IBM Electronics Virtual Briefing Center (VBC). This briefing center is your doorway to IBM's innovation, thought leadership, and more than 3,000 consultants and developers serving the electronics and high tech industries. We share new ideas and break-through innovation to help your business become smarter along two key dimensions:
  • Creating innovative products and services that are intuitive to the end user.
  • Building dynamic value chains using new information and capabilities.

"On demand" briefings are available year-round at your convenience in the On Demand Auditorium. Scheduled briefings on topics of interest will be held periodically in the Event Auditorium; select the "Briefings" tab above for details. And visit our knowledge areas: Marketing Transformation, Product Lifestyle Management, Electronics Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain, Smarter Products for the Home, and IT Infrastructure - where you can learn how smarter electronics is possible today.

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