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What it really takes to break the internet

What it really takes to break the internet and what lengths best-in-class providers go to fix it everyday without harming your business.


We seem to hear the term “Breaking the Internet” more and more frequently these days, most often in the context of a Web site that was ultimately ill-prepared to handle the traffic associated with a piece of viral media content. However, behind the scenes, critical pieces of Internet infrastructure break on a regular basis. While most of these problems go unnoticed by the average Internet user, some are significant enough to impact major web sites, applications, and/or millions of Internet users. Join us for a brief discussion where, David Belson, Senior Director of Internet Research & Analytics at Oracle Dyn, will take a look at some of these issues, how the industry has come together to address them, and how to avoid being impacted by them. The presentation will cover:


  • Identifying single points of Internet infrastructure failure
  • Routing issues and their sources
  • DDoS attacks
  • The importance of industry collaboration to help fix the Internet everyday


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David Belson
Director of Internet Research and Analysis