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Top 3 Reasons To ReThink DNS

DNS is the first step in site and web application performance and is quickly becoming a strategic tool for network resiliency and traffic management across hybrid cloud environments. 


When it comes to brass tacks, what are the top 3 reasons an organization seeks out a best-in-class DNS provider?


Join us for this educational webinar as we discuss the critical components of your internet infrastructure and how DNS is the end-all be-all resolution:

  • Service upgrade - Your current DNS solution is not servicing the needs of your growing online business, from traffic steering and performance capabilities to APIs and multi-zone management.
  • Resiliency - You need a disaster recovery plan to keep you up 100% of the time, including active failover between data centers to shorter TTLs and, secondary DNS.
  • Advanced Traffic Steering - You need to reduce latency, mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks (or route hijacks) and, geo-load balance by region or between CDNs.

If you are rethinking your DNS, don't miss this informative discussion.

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Gary Sloper
VP of Solution Engineering and Customer Success