Does your DNS really support ‘Advanced Record Types’?


When infrastructures grow, scale, and adapt to the complexities and risks of running an internet-dependent business, some of the foundational infrastructure layers quickly increase in complexity as well. Managing DNS and advanced DNS records is a primary example of this. Advanced DNS records span beyond A Records, CNAMEs, and MX Records and can include the likes of DKIM, SFP, PTR, and CAA Records. Yet most DNS providers are unable to support these, leaving you in an infrastructure that is difficult to navigate, troubleshoot, and deliver against efficiently.


Join our Solutions Engineer, Sandy Caiado as she breaks down advanced records types- what they're used for, how they work, how to implement, and common use cases.  Our Reputation Manager, Josh Nason will also be providing a deep dive into how some of these records affect email deliverability.  Even when you think you have a firm grasp on managing DNS records, surprises still pop up. 


What you'll learn: 


  • Why CAAs are needed and soon to be mandatory. If your certificates aren't verified what can you do?
  • SPF, DKIM and DMARC: Learn the impact these records have on getting your emails to the inbox and reducing unnecessary support calls due to undelivered emails or SPAM issues.
  • Office 365- What record implementation you'll need for that migration.


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Sandy Caiado
Solutions Engineer
Josh Nason
Email Reputation Manager