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DNS Active Failover: A Resiliency Strategy that Really Works

Business continuity, redundancy and disaster recovery are critical to any organization that relies on digital channels today. However, most organizations still experience 4 or more outages per month, leaving their sites and applications unavailable to their users. DNS is the first step users' path to your applications. Automatic monitoring and routing of internet traffic to a healthy endpoint avoids costly lapses in productivity and revenue generation.


Join our Solutions Engineer, Dan Schutzman as he discusses DNS Active Failover.


You will learn:


  • How to ensure high availability (HA) by failing traffic over to a predetermined healthy endpoint based on real-time health checks
  • The criticality of health monitoring and automatic fail-back protocols
  • Why ISP, registrar, hosting and free DNS services can’t support a failover feature


By understanding and implementing an active failover approach you can reduce downtime and accelerate recovery time, with no additional hardware, software or resources.


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Dan Shutzman
Solutions Engineer