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Keynotes and Speakers
Modern Agile: Discovering Better Ways to be Awesome
Eyes Wide Open – Reframing Your Fears as Fiction
The Role of the Project Manager in an Agile Business
10 Things about Scaling Agile We Can All (Mostly) Agree On
Moon Mission on a Shoestring: LCROSS and Agile Principles
Moon Mission on a Shoestring: LCROSS and Agile Principles
Agile: The One Bandwagon You May Want to Jump On!
Discover to Deliver: Accelerating High-Value Product Delivery
Creating Quantitative ROI and Scaling Agile Methodologies Out of Just R&D
The Effect of Project Budgeting on Agile Transformations
Enabling Agile Adoption for U.S. Government Agencies
Learn How IIL Implemented Scrum in Sales
Collective Intelligence: Leveraging the “Swarm” on your Teams
Kanban: Sustainability for Your Teams, Agility for Your Business
Business Analysis: The Missing Agile Element?
Get the Most from Agile and Scrum When Working on Projects!
What is the PMI-ACP® and Do I Need It? My Thoughts and a Road Map
A Lean/Agile Transformation Approach to DevOps