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Embedding Analytics: How Unified Logic Increased Value And ROI

Your customers aren’t having a problem collecting data. Your customers are having a problem figuring out what the data means!


Join Qlik and The Channel Company for a ChannelCast that will show you how to bundle rich analytics into your solutions.


Analytics sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. What if there was a tool you could use in real time to help your customers sift through all that data and provide them with actionable business intelligence?


Qlik’s embedded data visualization analytics technology lets your customers control their IT infrastructure and operations, from license management to cloud migration.


Empowering end users with analytics is a great way to earn recurring revenue with strong margins. In this ChannelCast, our experts will discuss:


  • How to select an analytics partner, based on your strategy and timelines
  • How embedded analytics has increased customer retention/new business
  • Ways you can help customers democratize their data


Analyze this! Learn how you can make embedded analytics work for your customers.


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