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Malware Threats Exploding: Profit With New Endpoint Security


The threat of ransomware and other types of viruses is rapidly growing, and it’s likely your clients aren’t aware of the magnitude of security and financial risks.


Four million dollars was the average cost of a data breach, last year — up 29-percent since 2013. The average cost of remediating a stolen/lost record was $158, according to IBM/Ponemon Institute.


The bottom line is you need to help clients understand how serious these threats are and teach them proper prevention with a new “whitelisting”-based endpoint security approach that caters to customers and ultimately boosts YOUR bottom line.


Join The Channel Company and PC Pitstop for an on-demand ChannelCast “Block Malware Threats; Boost Your Bottom Line With New Endpoint Security.”


During the ChannelCast, PC Pitstop CEO Rob Cheng will discuss:

  • Growing ransomware and other threats
  • The downside of traditional antivirus suites
  • How to avoid inadequate responses to ever-changing threats
  • Why whitelisting is a more agile and effective defense


The goal is to help you earn stronger margins with recurring revenue.

JOIN US and boost your security sales game.

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