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Integrating the IoT and Cultural Heritage in the Smart City

Integrating the IoT and Cultural Heritage in the Smart City

Webinar: October 27, 11:00 am ET

Presenter: Roberto Minerva, Chair, IEEE IoT Initiative


Achieving smartness in cities through IoT is difficult because it requires integration of different technologies, processes, and administrative domains but, even more challenging, it requires the ability to see the city as a large complex system. As well, a city is largely characterized by its cultural heritage that makes it different from any other city. To quantify and leverage cultural heritage within the large context of a multidisciplinary effort of IoT deployments is a huge challenge.


In addition to domain-specific technological issues, there exist further challenges in business, social, and regulation realms that are deeply intertwined. These intricacies can greatly impact the deployment and the success of IoT deployment within Smart Cities. But, a city’s cultural heritage can and should also be a factor in the creation of its unique path to smartness.

This webinar provides a view on some major technology challenges of the IoT, covers critical business and social issues that could hamper the large deployment of IoT systems within smart cities and provides examples related to the creation of a future city that leverages its cultural heritage and specific needs using Venice, Italy as the example.



Roberto Minerva - Bio


Roberto Minerva is the chair of the IEEE IoT Initiative, the mission of which is to serve as the gathering place for the global technical community working on the IoT; and to provide the platform where IoT professionals learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on this sweeping convergence of technologies, markets, applications, and the Internet, and together change the world.

Roberto is a technical leader with the SoftFIRE project, which aims at building a federated testbed for consolidiating the MFV/SDN technologies towards 5G platforms. It is also promoting the creation of new capabilities/services and POCs by means of Open Call to the NFV/SDN community.


Roberto has been with Telecom Italia since 2000, serving most recently in Telecom Italia’s Lab and its Future Center, identifying and understand how new technologies can be disruptive on the Telco business and how they can be used to the advantage of Telecom Italia.


Over the years Roberto has built a personal divergent view and vision on the future of communications far from the dominant mainstream: software and IT solutions will dominate and take over the old traditional solutions (and way of thinking) of Telcos. He is a frequently invited speaker internationally on the topics Internet of Things, Software Network (self-organization, peer to peer), and Smart Cities.


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