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The “Soft” Internet of Things

The “Soft” Internet of Things


Roberto Saracco

Senior member of IEEE where he leads the Future Directions Committee

EIT Digital Trento Node Director



The “soft” IoT includes those things that are not usually associated with the idea of things, either because they are a piece of software or because they are embedded in something else.


Data have reached such a volume and diversity that they have become a fabric upon which applications and services may be built. Some of these data can have a characterization of their own; they become “soft” things. Among these are virtual sensors, sensing made based on data derived from several streams and the virtual representation of devices, like digital cameras. This latter is particularly interesting in view of the trend towards industry 4.0, an area where we have just start to take the first steps.


The talk will address the aspects of virtualization, of data fabric, digital signature and the role these Soft IoT will be having in the coming years.



Roberto Saracco is a senior member of IEEE where he leads the Future Directions Committee. He is the president of EIT ICT Labs Italy and Italy Node Director, EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) where he publishes a blog with daily posts on advances in science and technology. Roberto has spent most of his 40-year career with Telecom Italia but also worked for two years on a World Bank project in Latin America, with the goal of leveraging on technology evolution to create economic and social wealth.


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