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A Trojan Horse of the Modern Day

Webinar: July 27 at 11:00 am ET


A Trojan Horse of the Modern Day


Complete IoT embedded device security is not just about the device but involves the entire product’s identity, data/control integrity, and services traversing the cloud. A device can no longer be looked at as an island, it is a part of a system. And given the cross-domain interactions enabled by IoT it could be a part of many systems. Also, depending on where the device is deployed, for example in the office building verses a factory floor or oil field, reliability, ethics, policy, and safety requirements will present unique challenges. 


  • What specifically are the present and future security concerns that product developers have to consider when deploying solutions in a specific segment? 
  • What kinds of new ethical issues arise with IoT-embedded devices that are different from traditional devices (e.g. GWs, PCs, etc.)?
  • What kinds of governance/policy measures need to be considered to reflect the evolving world of technology?
  • Who are the real customers, and what are they asking for?
  • What are the business/financial benefits for customers to consider in IoT Embedded Security, Reliability and Safety?



  • Oleg Logvinov, Chair, IEEE Internet Initiative, and President and CEO IoTecha Corporation



  • Dennis Ward, Founderand Analyst at Dennis Ward Enterprises, Internet of Things Market Research and Solution Consulting firm
  • Kenie Ho, Partner, Finnegan, intellectual property law firm
  • Vinai Sundaram, CEO, SensorHound, security and reliability software for the Internet of Things
  • Louis M. Parks, President and Chief Executive Officer, SecureRF, small, fast solutions to small or embedded computing platforms
  • Jonathan Joseph Klinger, LL.M, Attorney at Law



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