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IoT is the Body, AI is the brain

IoT is the Body, AI is the brain


In a quickly unfolding near-future, the Internet of Things will merge with other technologies — e.g., mixed reality, data analytics — to create the beginnings of a sentient and interactive physical environment. The potential of this grand convergence will be enabled by what we today call artificial intelligence. But how will developers encode the human need for randomness and serendipity into the software that will make increasingly important and autonomous decisions in our lives? Is an echo chamber, in which one experiences only what one wants to experience, an inevitable consequence of delegating control to ubiquitous intelligent systems? If IoT is the body and AI is the brain, where is the soul?


BC Biermann, The Heavy Projects

Jay Iorio, IEEE-SA

Heather Schlegel (heathervescent), futurist, filmmaker

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