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IEEE IoT Webinar: An Emerging Enernet of Things

Presenter: Steve Collier, IEEE IoT and Smart Grid subject matter expert


This webinar will explore how the emerging decentralized, disaggregated smart grid will converge with the Internet of Things in an "Enernet" that will not just maintain, but improve economy, reliability, security and sustainability. The bulk power grid in America has long been a smart grid. Generators, substations and transmission lines are monitored, analyzed and controlled in real time. Yet, this grid is proving to be inadequate in terms of economy, reliability, security and sustainability. Even if this was not the case, the grid is not designed to accommodate an exploding penetration of new kinds energy production (e.g., wind, solar PV, microgrids), storage (e.g., battery, mechanical, thermal), control (i.e., independent from bulk power grid, even stochastic), utilization (e.g., electric vehicles, smart appliances, smart buildings, smart cities), and commerce (i.e., transactive energy markets) at the distribution edges of the grid. Some 20,000 generators, 70,000 substations and 100,000 transmission lines in the legacy bulk power grid are being supplemented, even supplanted by millions, eventually billions of new points of energy production, storage, utilization and management at the distribution edges of the grid. The distribution grid has not been a smart grid with only limited monitoring, analysis and control in real time. How will the complexity and autonomy of these new nodes be dealt with? How can billions of variables be monitored, analyzed and controlled to ensure reliability? 

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