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Charting Your Analytical Future webinar: Is self-service analytics for everyone?

The promise of self-service analytics is that everyone in the organization can have the analytic tools to make better decisions in a timely manner. However, to be successful, a self-service analytics implementation must meet the different needs of all users within an organization. It must provide a spectrum of self-service capabilities that satisfy the requirements of casual users, data explorers, and power users. This means providing a unified environment that can be tailored to the needs of specific users for the self-service access they need, and the organizational needs for professional reports and analytic governance.


The latest release of IBM® Cognos® Analytics continues to expand on its data discovery and visual data exploration capabilities, making it easier for business users to create and prototype new ideas and concepts. It allows business users to view, create and share the content they need in a unified environment that supports centralized and decentralized self-service. The IT department becomes the enabler of self-service throughout the organization.


At this webinar, you will experience what is possible with the latest release of Cognos Analytics. In addition, Cognos BI customers will learn how upgrading to Cognos Analytics can bring new capabilities to their existing system.


  • See it in action. Quickly find the content you need, create great looking dashboards and stories using the automated visualization functionality, and share the content with a few clicks.
  • Augment your BI system with advanced analytics. Integration with Planning Analytics and Watson Analytics™ provides a complete lifecycle of enhanced analytics capabilities within the IBM Analytics portfolio.
  • Move to cloud without the risk. Take advantage of IBM bridge-to-cloud incentives while maintaining your existing on-premises BI system.
  • Grow self-service from existing infrastructure. Upgrade while preserving your investment in the data models and reports you’ve created.
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Product Manager, IBM Cognos Analytics
Product Manager, IBM Cognos Analytics