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Benefits of Asset Management

Better asset management means better municipal infrastructure. During this webinar you will learn about the benefits of assets management and how municipalities can save time and money in the planning process, construction and maintenance costs.  

With asset management cities and municipalities cities can:

  • Transform their asset lifecycle management strategy to optimize return on asset (asset reliability, utilization, quality and availability)
  • Improve financial control through visibility and standardization of managed assets
  • Predict and mitigate conditions and behaviors that lead to asset failure
  • Reduce consequence of asset failure, including safety, environmental, and operational
  • Improve decision making through integrated and consistent enterprise asset information and insights
  • Improve workforce productivity with integrated, secure and configurable mobile access
  • Continuously improve asset-centric business processes
  • Enhance value realization by applying industry-specific metrics
  • Accelerate adoption of new asset management initiatives through organizational change enablement
Read what Cambridge, Ontario is doing.
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Cambridge, Ontario Expects to Save $100,000 Annually with Infrastructure Planning

With the ability to visualize infrastructure and analyze maintenance costs - including how long major assets such as roads or pipes will last - cities can save time and money in the planning process and millions in construction and maintenance costs. Even modest-sized cities can own more than $1 billion in assets and spend millions each year maintaining them

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