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Innovation and Technology for Business Growth



IBM is hosting the second Smarter Business Connection Day at the IBM Virtual Conference Center.  Business and Technology leaders will share their experiences and insights on how technology helped innovate and grow their businesses to stay ahead in this intensively competitive global market. 


The virtual event consists of two tracks:

  • Business Track
  • Technology Track

Come join us at the IBM Virtual Conference Center to connect with the business leaders and technology experts. The speakers will share their knowledge and wisdom to help you navigate the ever changing business environment.


** IBM Virtual Conference Center is an on-line event center for webcast with interactive Q&A, online trade booths with life attendants, a resource center where attendees can download brochures and whitepapers, and a networking lounge for attendees to socialize online. IBM Virtual Conference Center provides a convenient and cost effective way for people to attend conferences without the need of traveling.

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Vice President, Market Development - IBM
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth
Vice President Marketing General Business, IBM North America
Strategy and Emerging Internet Technologies Program Director, IBM
President & CEO, Maintec Technologies, Inc
Manager, Competitive Sales Programs - B2B and Commerce Portfolio
Senior Big Data and Cloud Program Manager and Technical Evangelist, IBM Canada Laboratory