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Current Mobility Trends for Providers - Bring Your Own Device

Healthcare is entering the second wave of clinical mobility as a result of the consumerization of mobile devices.  Increasingly, clinicians want to use their own smartphones and tablets to minimize the number of devices they carry.  This shift creates additional security and support concerns due to the difficulty in managing personal devices and the lack of robust controls typically found on corporate-provided equipment.

Please join us on Thursday, December 13th at 11am EST for a web seminar where we will discuss:

  • Key findings from the IDC Health Insights Clinical Mobility Buyer  Behavior Study on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies
  • The security implications of mobile devices
  • Inova Health System’s approach to BYOD
  • How IBM can help you develop a sound BYOD strategy
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Program Director
IDC Health Insights
Director of IT Infrastructure
Inova Health System
Healthcare Mobility Leader
IBM Global Technology Services