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Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Advanced Analytics



Healthcare is in a state of transition due to enormous financial pressures driven by unsustainable rising costs. With many of our provinces spending more than 40 per cent of their budgets on healthcare, can we actually improve patient care while driving down healthcare costs?  Many within the industry agree that advanced healthcare analytics may hold the key.


Watch On-demand webinar : On how analytics can sort through the torrent of complexity and data and help healthcare organizations redefine value and success for themselves and their stakeholders and deliver on their demands.  Our speakers will review a framework for healthcare analytics driven management transformation that can help organizations make far better use of their data to reduce cost, reinvent care, and improve patient outcomes We will discuss very specific management approaches to realize the benefits of analytics.


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Vice President, Healthcare Industry, IBM Canada
Executive Consultant, IBM Global Healthcare Centre of Competence
Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services