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System z Information Management Executive Briefing

There’s no question that IBM® System z® is capable of handling the most ambitious business growth—that’s what it was designed for. But as data volumes grow, you have many choices for how to deploy and manage that data on DB2® and IMS™. How can you cost-effectively add new workloads to the System z platform and realize incremental savings?

This seminar will show you how to keep up on new trends in IT and drive down the cost of a transactional environment.

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Senior Manager, Information Management Mainframe Strategy, IBM Software Group
IBM Distinguished Engineer, DB2 for z/OS Development, IBM Software Group
Director, IMS, IBM Software Group
IBM Distinguished Engineer, IMS Architect, IBM Software Group
Information Management Director, DB2 and IMS Tools, IBM Software Group
Solution Architect, Information Management on System z, IBM Software Group
Information Management Strategy, IBM Software Group