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Pengana Australian Equities Fund Update


Rhett Kessler  Rhett Kessler - Senior Portfolio Manager


For most investors, financial independence translates into 2 key investment needs – the preservation of their capital and achieving at least a fair return on their capital (drive away no more to pay).

The Pengana Australian Equities Fund has achieved these objectives consistently for more than eight years by generating a 12% per annum return and not having a negative year of performance. In addition to increasing unit holder net wealth the low volatility has provided Investor peace of mind.

The team has consistently demonstrated their ability to combine a rigorous and disciplined approach with the conviction to deploy funds when opportunities arise.

Join Rhett as he gives his assessment of the past 12 months, the current reporting season, his outlook for Australian equities and how the portfolio is positioned to achieve an absolute return rather than a relative return which is more aligned with what investors need.


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