M-Trends: the State of Cyber Attacks

In 2015, Mandiant consultants responded to a wide variety of cyber incidents created by threat groups around the world. Based on that experience, the consultants created a special report entitled M-Trends 2016 that focuses on what’s happening in the threat landscape.

Join Mandiant VP and Executive Director of Incident Response Marshall Heilman at this webinar where he’ll highlight:

  • Key findings from Mandiant investigations across 30 industries
  • Trends and data that support how advanced threat actors have evolved over the last year
  • Campaigns to steal personally identifiable information
  • Attacks on enterprise networking devices—routers, switches and firewalls

Learn how to better analyze and respond to malware persistence techniques in 2016.

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The FireEye Team


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Date:  Thurs, Mar. 10
Time:  11:00 a.m ET/8:00 a.m. PT
Duration:  40 mins. with Q&A

Featured Speaker
VP & Exec. Director, Incident Response & Red Team Operations, Mandiant