Sneak Peek: FireEye Helix

At the Cyber Defense Summit in 2016, FireEye introduced Helix, an intelligence-led platform to simplify, integrate and automate security operations for organizations of all sizes and in any industry. Driven by FireEye iSIGHT intelligence and Mandiant expertise, the platform provides network to endpoint protection and integrates security tools across your infrastructure.

FireEye Helix will enable customers to reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with security operations by addressing three critical needs:

  • Accurate Detection and Alerts: Identify known and unknown threats while minimizing low quality and false positive alerts and improving response times. To accomplish this, FireEye Helix integrates: 

    -  Codified FireEye iSIGHT intelligence and Mandiant expertise
    -  Network and endpoint detection capabilities that use the patented FireEye MVX technology
    -  Third-party alerts from your existing security solutions

  • Intuitive User Interface: Built by security analysts for security analysts, FireEye Helix is designed to accurately correlate and prioritize threats for appropriate response. Customizable dashboards, search and reporting capabilities facilitate investigations and accommodate compliance regulations.

  • Accelerated Response: Built-in playbooks help automate and streamline workflows to respond to and remediate incidents in real time. These playbooks are developed using over a decade of Mandiant experience responding to the world’s most sophisticated threats and FireEye intelligence on the attacker tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Slash  your incident detection-to-response time from days to minutes while optimizing resources. Join us to learn how FireEye Helix can work for you and get details for early access.

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