Orchestration: Combatting Broken Security Processes

Cyber security is an asymmetric fight. Most security operations centers (SOCs) are understaffed and overwhelmed with alerts. Traditional security relies on manual intervention and containment.

Attackers have access to intellectual resources, computing power, and the backbone of the fastest digital delivery networks. They can change the tools, shift to new delivery methods and constantly fine-tune how they approach their goal of infiltrating your network.

FireEye Security Orchestrator levels the battlefield by leveraging FireEye’s years of expertise battling the world’s most consequential breaches to codify effective incidence response processes into a single console that delivers real-time guided responses to your SOC. You’ll be able to improve response times, reduce risk exposure and maintain process consistency across a security program.


Join us for this webinar to learn about:

  • Use cases for orchestration
  • Best practices for introducing and integrating orchestration into an IT architecture
  • Differences between FireEye Security Orchestrator and alternative approaches
  • Success stories for orchestration

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The FireEye Team

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Date:  Thurs, July 14
Time:  1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT
Duration:  30 mins with Q&A

Featured Speaker
Vice President, Orchestration and Integration, FireEye