5 Considerations When Evaluating Security as a Service Providers

Building and maintaining a world-class, in-house cyber defense center is just not practical for many businesses. The costs of instrumenting, hiring, and maintaining an effective IT security program divert investments away from more lucrative projects. If you are like many CISOs, you may be considering outsourcing to a Security as a Service partner with the infrastructure, skills, and expertise already in place to safeguard your organization’s IT assets.

Ultimately, you want a partner who can deliver answers, not alert notifications…
a partner with the ability to detect threats early and help you respond fast to mitigate the impact of security incidents.  During this webinar, we will offer five important criteria to help you evaluate Security as a Service providers. 

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 Thurs., May 26
Time:  2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT
Duration:  45 min.

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Director of Product Marketing, FireEye