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Governance and Decision Making for the Business Owning Family

Tuesday, March 4th


12pm - 1pm ET

11am - 12pm CT

10am - 11am MT

9am - 10am PT


Governance and Decision Making for the Business Owning Family


Family business owners face unique complexities that, left unattended, will put the family’s business, wealth and relationships at risk. Learn “best practices” from leading multigenerational business families that produce effective governance for the business and unity in family relationships, paving the way for continued success.


Featuring internationally known, leading experts on family owned business, this webcast will cover questions that will help you prepare for the future of your company. Participants will be prepared to answer:

  • How do I manage interpersonal family relationships while protecting the health of our business?
  • What are fair processes for hiring family members, passing shares to the next generation and managing conflicts?
  • How can we pass on a legacy of guiding principles?


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Otis W. Baskin, Ph.D.
Dana Telford