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BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Webcast Series

Enterprise Developer Webcast Series:

The value and security behind BlackBerry Dynamics, Integrating BlackBerry Workspaces into apps & the new Expanded Developer Website



New Expanded Developer Website and Resources for the new BlackBerry Development Platform

This collection of new online tools offers the ability for developers to expand their scope, focus on driving business value to enterprise organizations, and to enhance the end user experience by developing secure, feature-rich apps and mobile solutions.


Integrating BlackBerry Workspaces into an application using REST

An overview of the BlackBerry Workspaces REST interface and application integration. Learn how to incorporate secure document sharing and management into your mobile applications.


Why BD Apps matter? Understanding the business value and security behind BlackBerry Dynamics and Secure app certification for Customers and Partners

An overview of BlackBerry Dynamics ISV app certification will be given, including the process and benefits for BlackBerry, ISVs and customers.


Developer Event Announcement

Coming off the recent successful NYC Developer Summit, be the first to hear about our Developer Summit in Europe coming soon… get a sneak peek at our topics built just for Developers.



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