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State of the Slate - Films at Sundance 2017


Thursday, January 26, 2017

11:00am PST/ 2:00pm EST


Before a single frame of any film at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival was even shot, the savvy movie producers had to determine the most cost effective locations to achieve their visions, including whether production incentives could play a role in their films' completion.


Moderated by Joseph Chianese, EVP EP Financial Solutions, this robust webinar will highlight the producers of four hot features competing in this year's festival.  Register now for this FREE event to learn how they got their productions off the ground.


Questions may be submitted in advance to marj.galas@variety.com, or may be submitted during the webinar event.



Ryland Aldrich, Producer: L.A. Times

Lee Clay, Producer: Rememory

Brunson Green, Producer, “Walking Out”

Daniel Bekerman, Producer: Rememory

Shea Kammer, Line Producer, “The Yellow Birds”, “Newness” and “To the Bone”

Jared Goldman, Producer, “Ingrid Goes West” and “Wilson”

Sally Jo Effenson, Producer, “Mudbound”


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Guest Speakers
Executive Vice President, EP Financial Solutions, a division of Entertainment Partners
Producer, L.A. Times
Producer, Rememory
Brunson Green, Producer, “Walking Out”
Producer, Rememory
Line Producer, “The Yellow Birds”, “Newness” and “To the Bone”
Producer, “Ingrid Goes West” and “Wilson”
Producer, “Mudbound”