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Competing for the new healthcare consumer

Across the healthcare ecosystem - from payers and providers to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers - healthcare stakeholders have one thing in common: the health and well-being of the individual. Meet the newly informed, price conscious, value-seeking, social media savvy, healthcare consumer. How do we reach these new consumers to engage them in their own health management and disease prevention? It's going to take a better system of doing the business of healthcare. It's going to take Smarter Commerce.


When it comes to directly engaging consumers in their own health, payers and providers are actively involved to influence behavior to reduce medical costs and improve health outcomes. However, pharmaceutical firms are dealing with regulations that strikingly restrict their ability to directly engage the consumer. All are trying to figure out how to leverage social media and mobile commerce to change the playing field for their organizations. How will we each compete to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers to meet our common objective for a healthier tomorrow?


Join us for a lively discussion as we explore the opportunities and challenges for healthcare and life sciences organizations to engage the new healthcare consumer. Learn how organizations are leveraging Smarter Commerce to redefine their value for their healthcare consumers and re-invent their way of doing business.

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