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Learn all about the latest release of IBM Cognos Analytics, release 11.0.6


IBM® Cognos® Analytics provides a spectrum of self-service capabilities for visual data exploration, data discovery, dashboard and infographic creation, and professional report creation. With a user interface that has been designed to suit business users who need easy-to-use analytics, Cognos Analytics can help deliver analytic capabilities to almost anyone in your organization.


The latest release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.6 (R6) continues to add enhancements to its key functional areas. In this release we focused on making it faster and easier to create dashboards and also provided more enhancements to built-in storytelling capabilities. We significantly enhanced the mapping capabilities by increasing the resolution of the postal code/area code level and expanding support for up to five levels of administrative boundaries.

The Cognos Analytics team is committed to ensuring your upgrade experience will not cause you sleepless nights! The enhancements to Lifecycle Manager and other features help you to preserve your investments in the reports and data models you created with Cognos BI and augment them in the new Cognos Analytics environment. 


Attend this webinar and learn how to use the new capabilities in Cognos Analytics to:

  • Get more for less. Cognos Analytics features one unified interface for all users, with a personalized experience based on the type of user, their role and the level of access required. In the cloud version, you can freely mix and match user roles without an impact on pricing.
  • Create a wide range of great-looking visualizations, including geospatial mapping. The system will automatically suggest the best visualization type based on your data. You can even add your own types of visualizations.
  • Deliver the data discovery functionality your business users need. Business users can quickly find or upload the data they need and use the built-in intelligence to guide them in visual data exploration and the creation of great-looking dashboards and infographics.
  • Tell stories with your data. Stories are a powerful mechanism to communicate with people. Cognos Analytics can help you quickly build a compelling story by combining widgets with enhanced graphic overlays, voiceovers and other dynamic elements.

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