Ransomware 2.0 eSummit
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12:00 PM ET
Ransomware 2.0 eSummit opens!

12:10 PM - 1:05 PM ET
Why We Lost Our Data
Raef Meeuwisse, Director, Cyber Simplicity Ltd

You know the score: Management wants you to run their cybersecurity using nothing more than spit, hope and denial. Worry no more, because in this keynote from the author of Cybersecurity for Beginners, we look at tales from the operational real world, insights into how to change the management mindset to improve their infosec investment and evidence that if you are struggling - YANA - you are not alone and there are ways through the fear and hype.

Nobody wants to manage a breach. In this talk Raef exposes how screaming signals of substandard cybersecurity are often ignored and reveals his own experiences of dealing with management denial. He also looks at the paradoxical challenges for the Chief Information Security Officer – and why so many businesses are struggling to keep up with the speed of technological change.

1:05 PM - 1:15 PM ET

1:15 PM - 1:55 PM ET
WEBCAST: Ransomware: Move from Beware... to Be Aware!
Laraine A. WeglarzCISO Coach, Terranova

Do you fear that your organization’s data will be kidnapped and held for ransom? It is critical for CISOs and security teams to have the right methods, tools and techniques to stop ransomware from infecting their environment. An effective approach goes beyond technology and processes—it needs to include the human factors that contribute to ransomware risks. Do you have a methodology to change their behaviors?  Is your message to them “beware” … or, “be aware?" 

Attend this session to learn more about how users are part of the risks associated with ransomware—and how they can become part of the solution and your first line of defense:

  • Who is targeted by ransomware, and why
  • What human actions or inactions open the door to ransomware
  • What is the real fix to ransomware risks and how you can best prevent them
  • How to move from “beware” to “be aware”

1:55 PM - 2:05 PM ET

2:05 PM - 2:45 PM ET
WEBCAST: Don’t Take the Bait. Stop the Phishing.
Sylvester Gray, Product Specialist for the Endpoint Security Group, Sophos

Phishing is a highly successful business. It led to $3.1 billion in losses in 2016 alone, and people are six times more likely to click through on a phishing email than a genuine one. Join us for this informative webinar to learn more about phishing and how to stop it, including:

  • The evolution of phishing
  • How phishing works: the business behind the emails
  • Common tactics hackers use in their phishing attacks

We’ll also look at the importance of a multi-layered defense against phishing attacks, combining security technologies with educated, phishing-aware employees.

2:45 PM - 3:00 PM ET

3:00 PM ET
Ransomware eSummit closes.


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