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The First Step Toward Quality Recording: Microphone, Preamp, Conversion

Quality matters. Professional audio engineers know this, and the consumer is finally starting to demand it. The resurgence in analog recording, coupled with the increased power of native DAW systems, has opened up nearly unlimited possibilities for producers/engineers to create unique sounds at extremely high-fidelity. But quality audio still starts with a great artist, great microphone, and great microphone preamp.
In this free hourlong Webcast, produced by Mix magazine and presented by Millennia Media and Royer Labs, Mix technical editor Kevin Becka leads a roundtable discussion with a panel of renowned recording engineers/producers. Supported by graphics, photos and audio examples, the engineers will walk through their audio chain and their particular techniques for recording guitar, instruments and vocals, from setup and mic choices through preamp and conversion into the DAW, or straight to tape.
A live 20-minute question and answer session will follow the presentation.

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